Instructions for authors

Please submit your full or short paper as a word document and adhere to the following guidelines:



1. Title

2. Full name(s) of author(s), author(s) emails, institution/organisation affiliation

3. Abstract:

Full paper – 300-500 word abstract
Short paper – 200-300 word abstract

4. Key words: 5 keywords

5. Body of text:

Full paper – 3000-5000 word paper, 20-minute conference presentation
Short paper – 1500-3000 word paper, 10-minute conference presentation

6. Images:

Full paper – maximum of 20 images for word document, unlimited for presentation
Short paper – maximum of 10 images for word document, unlimited for presentation

7. References: not included in word count



  • Title: Arial 14 bold
  • Name, email, institution: Arial 12 italic
  • Headings: Arial 12 bold. Sub-headings Arial 12 underlined.
  • Abstract, key words, body of text: Arial 12, line spacing 1.5, justified
  • Page size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm), all margins 2cm
  • Referencing: Citations as part of a sentence should include author name(s) and year in brackets i.e. as stated by Wade & Walton (2011). Citations not part of a sentence should be placed inside brackets i.e. (Wade & Walton 2011). If a reference is authored by one or two individuals give both names. For three or more authors provide the first name followed by et al. Quotations longer than three lines should be indented by 1cm each side and italicized and referenced. For direct quotations use single quotation marks i.e. ‘using the imagery in a literal fashion’. Where text is omitted from a quotation use ‘…’ i.e. ‘…understanding of design process…to advance the use of such processes in fashion and textiles.’
  • Illustrations: All diagrams, photographs, images, should be termed ‘Figures’ and referred to in the text (i.e. ‘Figure 1 shows work produced by McQueen…’, ‘The work produced by McQueen (figure 1) shows…’). For the purpose of reproduction figures captions (i.e. Figure 1: Extract from Vogue, 1974) should be inserted in the text were relevant and figures uploaded as separate 300dpi, JPEG files. Label as fig1, fig2, fig3, fig4, etc. and upload. Authors are responsible from obtaining permission from copyright holders for the reproduction of materials.
  • References: at the end of the paper should be alphabetical and follow Harvard referencing conventions. Please do not use footnotes. Web pages must include the date of access.

Example references:

Gale, C. & Kaur, J. (2002) The Textile Book. Oxford: Berg.

Studd, R. (2002) The Textile Design Process. The Design Journal 5 (1): 35-49.

Rust, C., Mottram, J. & Till, J. (2007) Review Report: Practice-Led Research in Art, Design and Architecture. [Internet] [Accessed 17/07/12].


Author Guidelines download: FTC_Futurescan3_AuthorGuidelines