Futurescan 2

Futurescan 2: Collective Voices


Edited by Helena Britt, Sally Wade and Kerry Walton

December 2013

ISBN number: 978 1 907382 64 2


The selected research papers comprising this publication were presented at Sheffield Hallam University, 10-11 January 2013.




Foreword by Helena Britt, Sally Wade and Kerry Walton

Keynote: The Art of Trends – Claudia Lieshout

Keynote: The 7th Sense Minding the Gap – Ben Mears

Keynote: How can ‘making’ transcend disciplines to offer value and insight into subjects related to the body? – Rhian Solomon and Juliana Sissions

Keynote: Making Space – the past, present and future of the Creative Environment – Professor Martin Wooley


Research Papers:

STRAND A – Breaking Barriers: cross-disciplinary and collaborative teaching, learning and research

The Human-Mould-Fashion Relationship: Fungi Applications for future design scenarios in fashion and textiles fabrication – Ninela Ivanova

Collaborative designers: the value of nurturing truly collective voices – Lindy Richardson

Intervention and synthesis: new partnerships between textiles and photography in the visual arts – Marlene Little

STRAND B – Emerging and Enabling Technologies: within education, the design process, networking, commercial application and beyond

Prototyping 3D ‘smart’ textile surfaces for pervasive computing environments – Dr Lynsey Calder, Prof Ruth Aylett, Dr Sandy Louchart, Dr Sara Robertson

The oneiric reality of electronic scents – Dr Jenny Tillotson, Marc Rolland, Kim Lahiri

Managing creative conversations between designers and consumers – Dr Britta Kalkreuter, David Robb, Prof Mike Chantler, Dr Stefano Padilla

STRAND C – Past, Present and Future: historical, archival, socio-political and technologically influenced

Surpassing tradition: investigating design innovation possibilities for harris tweed – Elaine Bremner

Raiding the past, designing for the future – Dr Kevin Almond

Awaken: contemporary fashion & textile interpretation of archival material – Dr Helena Britt, Jimmy Stephen-Cran, Elaine Bremner

STRAND D – Design Responsibility: sustainability, environment and ecology

The good life – designing for sustainable luxury – Anne Marr

From counterfeit to counter – Angela Armstrong, Ann Muirhead

Rethinking the designer’s role: the challenge of unfinished knitwear design – Amy Twigger Holroyd