Futurescan 4 Registration Open

Futurescan 4: Valuing Practice

23rd – 24th January 2019

University of Bolton, UK

Fashion and textiles practice intersects traditional processes and innovative technologies. Tacit knowledge acquired through hand skills, making, utilising equipment and working with processes is fundamental to developing understanding. Although practical learning is valued, the teaching of creative and making subjects is under threat in formal education. Within the fashion and textile industries there are skills shortages. Heritage crafts risk being lost as digital technologies and automation impact upon future generations.

The Association of Fashion & Textile Courses (FTC) forthcoming conference Futurescan 4: Valuing Practice, provides an international forum for the dissemination of research, creative practice and pedagogy surrounding fashion and textiles. Contributions from established and early career researchers, postgraduates, practitioners, makers and educators will be presented under the following topics:

  • Valuing Artisan Skills, Drawing and Making
  • Learning from History, Tradition and Industry
  • Collaborating and Cross-disciplinary Working
  • Integrating and Connecting Digital Technologies
  • Designing Responsibly and Working Sustainably
  • Promoting Diversity, Employability and Community
  • Investigating Creative Processes and Pedagogy

The conference will include keynote speaker presentations, full papers (20-minute presentations), short papers (10-minute presentations) and examples of practice-based work.


For conference enquires please email: chair@ftc-online.org.uk